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Customer Training

In order to ensure that the shipowner can use the boat smoothly and correctly, we have divided the technical service content into three stages of training plan:

In factory training: During the water joint commissioning of main mechanical and electrical equipment, we will notify Party A three days in advance, and let the captain, marine engine and electrical personnel of Party A come to the factory to participate together. We will prepare the operation manuals and instructions of the main equipment, get familiar with and debug them item by item, and master their working principles and correct operation methods;

Training during ship inspection: When all equipment has been debugged and reached the inspection status of the Ship Inspection Bureau, Party A's personnel shall participate in the ship inspection. After the inspection, we will send the officers to train the actual operation of the ship and get familiar with the ship's maneuverability. At the same time, we will also train Party A's personnel on the use and maintenance of the main machine, auxiliary machine and household appliances;

Ship delivery and first maintenance training: when the ship is delivered to the water area designated by Party A, we will hold the ship delivery training, check and hand over all technical documents and equipment accessories in person, and conduct seaworthiness training in the water area. When the ship runs for 50 hours, we will also send professionals to work with Party A's crew to conduct the first equipment maintenance training to make them familiar with the actual operation of maintenance, so that they can reasonably use the ship for a long time in the future.

During the life cycle of the ship, we will provide other training services required by Party A for a long time.