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Ship building history in recent 40 years

In January 1985, Wuxi Dongfang High Speed Craft Development Co., Ltd. was founded by China Ship Science Research Center.

The company has a 40-year history of development. The Wuxi headquarters of the company covers a total area of 60000 square meters and a building area of 30000 square meters. A metal-free ship branch was also established in Yixing, Wuxi. The company has ship design qualifications, including comprehensive construction qualifications for composite materials, steel and aluminum ships, and complete management system certification. Based on modern hardware facilities, high starting point manufacturing technology and good corporate culture, the company produces all kinds of medium and high-end boats. The comprehensive strength of "Oriental High-speed Boat" ranks among the forefront of the domestic boat industry.

  • 1985

    • ◆ In January 1985, Wuxi Dongfang High-speed Craft Development Co., Ltd. was founded by China Ship Science Research Center;
      ◆  In April 1985, the first GRP speedboat in China was used to carry passengers on water for trial operation. It is distributed in the landscape waters of Wuxi, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Tianjin;

      ◆  In 1986, it became the authorized dealer and service provider of Johnson Seahorse and Joy Shipping Outboard Aircraft in the United States;

      ◆ In November 1989, the U.S. - speedboat towing parachute project was introduced and launched in Beijing.

  • 1990

    • ◆  Participated in the Canton Fair and Guangzhou Boat Exhibition for the first time in March 1990;

    • ◆   In 1990, the company's boats were designated as the special boats for judges at the 10th Asian Games;

    • ◆  In 1991, the company dispatched a high-speed boat team to rescue more than 300 elderly people in the social welfare home during the Wuxi catastrophic flood disaster;

    • ◆   In 1992, Wuxi Pacific Marine Engine Mall, the largest professional shopping mall in China, was officially opened;

    • ◆  Became a member of China Shipbuilding Industry Association in 1993;

      ◆   From 1993 to 1995, it provided more than 100 high-speed boats for the Frontier Defense Corps of the Ministry of Public Security;

      ◆  In 1994, many oriental boats won the Golden Bull Award for Jiangsu High-tech Products and the Golden Bull Award for FRP New Technology;

      ◆  In 1994, he became a member of the China Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Industry Association and the vice chairman and member of the China Small Boat Technical Standards Committee.

  • 1995

    • ◆   In 1995, he set foot in the water park design and construction project and became the executive director of China Amusement Park Association;

      ◆   In 1995, the company's products won the gold medal of China High-tech Expo;

      ◆  In 1995, it became the first authorized dealer and service provider of Japanese HONDA outboard aircraft in China;

      ◆  In 1996, the company co-organized the first Shanghai International Boat Exhibition;

    • ◆   In 1997, it officially became the authorized dealer of YAMAHA outboard engines in Japan, and set up the first authorized maintenance station of YAMAHA diesel outboard and outboard engines in China;

    • ◆   In 1998, he became a member of the Water Standardization Committee of the Amusement Machine and Amusement Park Association;

      ◆   In 1998, the company exported three high-speed working boats from Nigeria and began to manufacture high-performance boats made of steel and aluminum;

    • ◆  In 1999, the four 50-passenger liquefied gas-fueled green sightseeing boats, which were first created internationally, were officially delivered to Beijing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Day, opening the precedent of environmentally-friendly power cruise ships. This product was rated as "two high and two new" (high quality, high level, new features and new features) at the 10th International Maritime Technology Academic Conference and Exhibition.

  • 2000

    • ◆  In 2000, he became a member of the Boat Branch of the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, a vice chairman unit, and a member of the Technical Expert Committee;

      ◆  In November 2000, it was changed into a joint-stock company and became "Wuxi Dongfang High-speed Craft Development Co., Ltd."; 

      ◆  In 2001, the Chinese Academy of Naval Ships awarded "Oriental High-speed Craft" as the title of excellent scientific and technological industry project of the Academy;

      ◆   In June 2001, the company led the domestic counterparts to obtain the ISO9001 international quality system certification of China Classification Society Certification Company;

      ◆  In 2003, in order to expand production capacity and open high-end yacht and yacht projects, a construction plant was set up in Yuecheng Industrial Zone, Jiangyin City;

      ◆   In 2004, the company obtained the design and construction license of GRP fishing boat issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • 2005

    • ◆  In 2005, the 25-meter full-penetration sightseeing yacht developed by the company was delivered. As the reception yacht of the 10th National Games, it has received the distinguished guests of the International Olympic Committee and national leaders successively. The product has received high praise for its beautiful appearance and comfortable and elegant interior;

      ◆  In 2005, the solar electric cruise ship was successfully trial-produced and matched with many scenic spots in China;

      ◆   In 2006, it began to develop the yacht club pontoon wharf, which has been supporting dozens of scenic spots and clubs;

      ◆  In 2007, the rigid inflatable boats and high sea state special boats built by the company in batches won many achievement awards and became the designated procurement unit of the government;

  • 2010

    • ◆  In 2010, the new plant of the company located in Hudai Industrial Park, Binhu District, Wuxi, covering an area of 60000 square meters, was completed and put into operation;
      ◆  In 2010, the company won the domestic boat brand award issued by the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, and a total of 10 domestic enterprises in the same industry won this award, with "Oriental High-speed Boat" ranking second;
      ◆   In 2011, it obtained the exclusive agency of the aluminum alloy pontoon boat and the Polarkraft Luya fishing boat of Godfrey Company of the United States in the Chinese market;
      ◆  In 2012, the company became a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and its multi-type products obtained the provincial high-tech product certificate;
      ◆  In 2013, the company obtained the Class I and Class I construction qualification of GRP ships issued by the Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the design qualification issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Ship Inspection;
      ◆  In 2014, it signed a contract with ChristianGrand Yacht Design Company of Italy to promote the yacht manufacturing business;

  • 2015

    • ◆  In 2015, the company obtained the "Wuxi AAA Certificate of Abiding by Contracts and Trustworthiness" issued by Wuxi Municipal People's Government;
      ◆  In 2016, the company obtained the certification of environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system at the same time;
      ◆  In 2017, Dongfang High-speed Boat won the certificate of "Wuxi Famous Trademark", and the company obtained the batch production order of 10 26-meter steel-glass composite cruise ships in Suzhou, which were successfully delivered within 6 months;
      ◆   In 2018, the company obtained the three-level unit of safety production standardization and energy management system certification of the military industry system;
      ◆  In 2019, we designed and built seven cultural tourism boats with different shapes and functions for Yangzhou Ancient Canal Company and delivered them within 8 months. In the same year, the company also undertook high-end new energy passenger ships powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are 32 meters away from Tianmu Lake in Jiangsu and 40 meters away from Minjiang River in Fuzhou. 

  • 2020

    • ◆  In 2020, he won the first place and batch production of a certain type of boat, and obtained the equipment manufacturing qualification certificate in the same year. It also manufactures high-performance unmanned boats with multiple types and complex uses;

    • ◆  In 2021, he participated in the comparison and measurement of a rigid inflatable boat and won the first place in the country and was approved for production. In the same year, it was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award of China's Shipbuilding Industry" jointly by China Shipbuilding Industry Association, Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center and other units; 

    • ◆   2022 or Wuxi the Taihu Lake Lake and the Ancient Canal Type 2 high-end new energy cruise ship design and construction task and delivery in that year. The series of genealogical new energy boats developed by the company have extended from tourist ships to all kinds of work boats, providing real ships for green environmental protection boats in various waters, and become the most complete supplier of lithium electric power boats in China;

    • ◆   In 2023, it was certified as the second-level unit of military system safety standardization.