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Thank you for purchasing and using the boat products of Wuxi Dongfang High Speed Boat Development Co., Ltd! In order to make you use our products happily and safely, please be familiar with the product performance and read the relevant user manual.

During the warranty period, if you use our boat products normally and have faults, we will provide you with warranty services according to the following regulations:

Part I:Warranty period:

-   The hull is warranted for one year from the date of delivery.

-    Warranty of marine engines shall be subject to the original warranty regulations of different engines.

-    Except for the overall replacement of the hull or engine, the repair and replacement of parts shall not extend the warranty period accordingly.

-   Unless otherwise specified in the Contract.

Part  II: Warranty content:

1. During the warranty period, the hull plate cracks and leaks due to the manufacturing quality, and the structural keel and frame are broken

The company shall be responsible for repairing or replacing the new ship of the same grade, and the deformation and leakage shall be repaired by the company free of charge.

2. If the outfitting parts fail or are damaged during the repair period, the company will replace and repair them.

Part III: Warranty procedure:

1. Before maintenance, the user shall give a detailed written notice of the damage or failure, and inform the model, number, date of purchase, contact information and detailed address of the boat and ship engine (or ship's faulty equipment), so as to make a correct judgment, carry appropriate materials and go to the maintenance site in time.

2. The registered warranty card and defective or damaged parts shall be presented during maintenance.

3. The company will repair in time after obtaining correct maintenance requirements. Commitment to general fault maintenance: Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions should respond within 24 hours, repair within 3 days, other regions should respond within 48 hours, and repair within 7 days. If the problem cannot be solved locally, the user shall be responsible for sending it for repair; When the imported marine engine parts are out of stock during replacement and need the support of the engine manufacturer, our company promises to order as soon as possible so as to complete the maintenance in time.

Part IV:  The following conditions are not included in the free warranty:

1. Damage to the hull and parts caused by natural disasters or natural phenomena.

2. Damage caused by improper operation or handling and maintenance.

2. Damage caused by exceeding the specified service conditions.

3. Failure or damage due to product transformation, disassembly and assembly.

4. Vulnerable outfitting parts and electrical components. Such as windshield, tarpaulin, bulb, switch, fuse Battery, etc.

5. Product appearance.

Part V:  Others

1. If the product is resold or transferred to the other party, this warranty will become invalid.

2. The company will not bear the direct or indirect losses caused by your inability to use.

3. This warranty regulation does not apply to any form of repairers other than our company (except those who have a joint insurance agreement with our company).

4. Wuxi Dongfang High Speed Craft Development Co., Ltd. reserves the right to interpret the warranty regulations. After the warranty period, the company will also provide long-term after-sales service and technical support.