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Tourist ships

"People sit in boats and boats swim in the water; the water and sky are in one color, like walking in a painting". The ancients can go boating in the lake, but today they can still enjoy the mountains and lakes along the way on the cruise boat. Since 1998, the company has officially engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of tourist boat products for commercial purposes, and is a leading enterprise in China's tourist boat industry. For a long time, we have been committed to developing and manufacturing all kinds of tourist boats with Chinese and Western styles. Our products are exported to all provinces and cities across the country and are widely praised. Relying on the powerful ship scientific research and design force of 702 Institute, the products continue to introduce the old and bring forth the new; Oriental cruise ships pay attention to safety, environmental protection and excellent comprehensive performance; In line with the development needs of the times, it has made continuous progress in intelligence, intelligence and environmental friendliness of people and ships; Based on the excellent ship type and good comprehensive cost performance, it will bring benefits to the ship owner, and accompany tourists to travel around the world and view the five lakes.